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Shipping & Returns

Before returning the items to us, please read and follow the instructions below. You can also contact the customer on behalf of our clients we serve will be happy to serve the owners.

Make sure you understand the return policy to make sure you get back to what you've got all the standard physics.

Taxes keep all products returned suspect rights.

1. We provide a mechanical failure, plus 180 days of human injury warranty. It is advisable to provide us with your questions, many problems can be fixed or self-regulation.

During the warranty period, we will repair the product, provided that: the project has a defect. The (S) project is the phase of our incorporation project orders (S) is.

The warranty does not happen again for the following events: from improper use of goods to customers. Any form of wear and tear unreasonable. Cause physical damage.

Existing command messages (waiting to come home) specific issues: No returns will be accepted.

2. In some cases, the original date 14 days after receipt of a refund or replacement.

3. If you want the items, please contact our return address. Describe your name, address, email address, order number, cell phone, please call: returned items must contain the following information.

4. If the delivery method of the product is damaged or does not correspond to the wrong delivery, replacement or refund 100% guarantee. However, we have already led to damaging behaviors you do not assume any responsibility for (client / I) is damaged, replaced or the refund will be declined.

The default setting is sent to show damage to all items, the buyer takes a photo.

6. Will be restored to the original state will be accepted, the contest (S) in our mandate position (S).

7. If the return / exchange refund, and not the quality of a case, in addition to the shipping costs will be refunded 9% of the total number of parts you like to give a refund or other products (or cash balances per product of Each element) is returned.

8. All photos on our site are photos of our digital. Because the lighting conditions and the background, which may be a bit different as they do in the real world. This does not apply, as replacement or refund.

9. Prices may vary by season to change our promotional activities. Price changes do not replace or redemption requests.

10. In the case of exchange, return to the starting material and provide the sequence number in the US in a subsequent link. Let's go back once we receive the new products shipped to you.

11. When making a refund, please note that this product must be sent to us, provide tracking number and tracking serial links. When the product arrives, we will refund immediately.

Need to Know
After all the products are three controls they provide to our customers. Remember your signature before logistic, product admission test. If it is bad, or not to buy, please refuse to accept the product. Please contact us immediately and contact us.

If the product is returned because the customer does not sign the reasons, it will be returned to the general requirements of the order of 9% off-shipping bid and handling. In other words, a partial refund will be given in the above case. In addition to providing the client pay for the transportation.